Tammy Wynette Home

Hank Williams Sr. bought the home on Frankin Road in 1949 for his wife and son Hank Williams Jr. Hank and Audrey had a rocky relationship at best, in 1952 Audrey finally had enough and kicked him out. After the divorce, Audrey remained in the home and lived there until 1975 when she was found dead inside the home.

The home changed a few times until country music star Tammy Wynette bought it in 1992. Originally, a hairdresser from Alabama Tammy quickly became one of the hottest acts in country music and had sixteen #1 hit songs.

Tammy lived in the home with her fifth husband and manager George Richey. According to Tammy’s children, George and Tammy had a tumultuous relationship. It supposedly was so bad that Tammy faked her own kidnapping so she would have excuses for the bruises on her face after a big fight. In 1998, Tammy passed away suddenly at the age of 55 in the home from heart failure. Her children sued George for their mother’s wrongful death and accused him of not administering her medicine correctly due to her painkiller addiction. George was later dropped from the suit and lived in the house until his death in 2010.

The home is now owned by a local church outside of Brentwood and is used as a youth facility.

The building is believed to be haunted. The people that sold the home to Tammy Wynette allegedly told her that they had seen the ghost of Audrey Williams. Tammy also felt uneasy about the home and even called it ‘a mausoleum’ to friends and family.

Some claim that the ghost on the grounds is not Audrey, but Tammy Wynette. Tammy is thought to roam the building and cannot rest due to the questionable nature of her death.

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