Built in 1897, the building at 122 South Maple Street was a grocery store in the early 20th century. In 1916, the H. Preston Scales Undertaker Funeral Parlor opened next door. In the 1960’s the building operated as a thrift store, until The Book Rack took over for the next forty years. Now it is called Sugaree’s, a popular local boutique. At Sugaree’s, not only will you find the latest in women’s fashion, you might also find some ghosts playing cards in the back of the store.

According to employees, the store is haunted by a spirit named ‘Mr. Jackson’ and his seven friends, which include a former funeral home employee from the business next door. The eight ghosts hold nightly card games in the stockroom, and sometimes the card games can get out of hand. When managers come in to open the store they will sometimes find things turned over, moved around, and broken. Employees also talk of smelling cigar smoke towards the back part of the store every now and then.

When the spirits inside the store aren’t playing cards, other additional strange things happen in the building. Shoes have a way of moving around to different locations inside the store, and employees have walked to the back after positioning a mannequin a certain way only to return and find it facing in a different direction, rocking back and forth.

When the book store occupied the building in the late 20th century books would somehow get rearranged on the shelves during the night. Occasionally, former employees would come in some mornings to find books stacked on the floor like a tower. The spirits inside building are actually playful, and will sometimes even interact with visitors and employees. Voices have been heard throughout the store at different times, and people believe that the spirits like to be acknowledged.

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