Places That Aren’t Haunted: McNamara’s Irish Pub

According to some ‘so-called’ experts in Nashville McNamara’s Irish Pub on Old Lebanon Road is one of the most haunted buildings in middle Tennessee. Before it opened up as McNamara’s in 2010 the building was another restaurant called the Plantation House. But in the mid-20th century the property was a funeral home.

Like most funeral homes the building also had a crematorium in the basement. An undertaker also lived on the second floor. Back in the 1960s someone had to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Someone had to be on call at all times so an apartment was built upstairs so if a body needed to be retrieved someone was on site at all times and ready to go.

As if a funeral home isn’t creepy enough, in the 70s a plane crashed approximately 30 yards away from the funeral home killing several people onboard. So if there is a place in Nashville that is going to be haunted it’s going to be McNamara’s, right?


McNamara’s isn’t haunted. As much as I’d like to add another stop in the Nashville Ghost Map we can’t put add a place that doesn’t have any paranormal activity. After talking to half a dozen employees we learned that despite the cool story and eery vibe, McNamara’s is not haunted. Waiters will joke and talk about warming up food in the crematorium downstairs but ultimately it’s not true. Nobody there has experienced anything out of the ordinary. Upstairs in the old undertaker’s apartment you won’t find any ghosts either. The second floor is now a bar where patrons can enjoy a pint and throw darts and talk with friends.

Despite the lack of spirits you will find the best cheese sticks in Nashville. Even if you were disappointed to find there were no ghosts at McNamara’s I’m sure you will be happy with your experience as the pub has received accolades and awards from not just around the state, but all over the world.

McNamara’s is open 6 days of the week. They only day they are closed is Monday.

If you are looking for some other haunted places around Nashville you can find them in the Nashville Ghost Map app available in the iTunes app store for only $1.99.

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